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I am a Chicago-based actor who grew up in a “mini music hall” in the Detroit area with my mother (the violinist), father (the trumpeter), and sister (the cellist). My incredible family inspired me to pursue my passions on all artistic fronts, including. *insert deep breath here* acting, singing, musicianship, dancing, and playwriting. I am also a proud B.F.A. Musical Theatre graduate from Oakland University with an Undergraduate Thesis in Playwriting.


Outside of the arts,  I absolutely love backpacking, being Cheez-its' #1 fan, and discovering new worlds in the pages of a book (Dune is my current favorite).  

All in all... anything that involves a good time with genuine human connection... I'm there! 


"Gangly and goofy" 

- Suzanne Anegeo (For All Events)

"Sweet and Sunny"

- Patrice Nolan (Encore Michigan)

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