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"Gangly and goofy" 

- Suzanne Anegeo (For All Events)

"Sweet and Sunny"

- Patrice Nolan (Encore Michigan)


I am a Chicago-based actor who grew up in a “mini music hall” with my mother (the violinist), father (the trumpeter), and sister (the cellist). My incredible family inspired me to follow all my artistic passions, including *insert deep breath here* acting, singing, instruments, dancing, and playwriting. In pursuit of these things, I graduated with a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from Oakland University with an Undergraduate Thesis in Playwriting.


Outside of the arts,  I absolutely love backpacking, being Cheez-its' #1 fan, and discovering new worlds in the pages of a book (Dune is my current favorite).  

All in all... anything that involves a good time with genuine human connection... I'm there! 

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