Violin & Piano

The dynamic duo


Annika has been actively performing the violin for 11 years. She initially picked up the violin after being inspired by her Mother (who had played the violin her whole life) and to spite her teacher (who said she should pick up bass instead because she was "just so tall"). 

As a violinist, Annika has...

  • Played the violin and the Baker's Wife in Thunder Bay Theatre's Into the Woods. 

  • Featured her violin skills in her self-written cabaret Once Upon a Time: the Reality of Living in a Fantasy World. 

  • Played in the Detroit Metropolitan Youth Symphony for 3 years. 

  • Led the orchestra as first chair during all four years of high school.

  • Played in chamber groups at banquets, local movie theatres, etc. 

Annika has been actively performing the piano for 15 years. Admittedly, she began studying the piano as a kid because her parents said, "if you're going to do anything musical, you must study the piano" and forced her into lessons. Now a full grown adult, Annika is extremely grateful for her parents encouragement and for sharing their love of music with her. 


As a pianist, Annika has....

  • Led music rehearsals as a music captain

  • Held vocal coaching for students

  • Accompanied herself and her peers for a variety of performances

  • Participated in the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival multiple times and received a rating of  I (highest rating). 

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 Violin + Piano Reel