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Writing to create connection

Creating new worlds can actualize something that someone doesn't know how to express. In those moments of joint understanding, we know that we aren't alone.
Words are tangible proof that we exist. Action is the next step. That is why I write!
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Featured Works






Full Length 

The Clarified Church of the Cross puts a young congregant, Mira Vale, into a hallucinogenic coma to confront her subconscious and the secrets that hide there. When her hallucination takes the shape of a court room and the people of her past, Mira defends her life and past actions to the Judge. Ultimately, the Judge must decide what sentence matches Mira’s sins, but Mira must decide if she is even worthy of a second chance. After all, she cannot return to reality without cleansing her soul.

Staged Reading - 2019 - Oakland University (MI)

Staged Reading - 2020 - Ann Arbor Civic Theatre (MI) 

Undergraduate Honors Thesis in Playwriting - 2020 - Oakland University (MI)

Virtual Reading - 2021 - Dir. Annika Andersson 


Female Hamlet

10 min 

Harriet was never good at being alone, especially after her breakup with Amy.  One night at 3 am, Harriet faces her grief by re-telling Shakespeare's Hamlet all by herself (and discovers how much complicated Hamlet's life would be if he was a woman).

Virtual Performance - June, 2020- Intermission Play Festival

Virtual Play Reading - October 2020 - Civic Theatre (Ann Arbor)


An original monologue

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