Writing to create connection

"I surround myself with the words of others. I hang their words on my walls, listen to their melodies to fill the silence, and place their stories on my shelves.
It is essential that we provide people new worlds, for it may contain something they don't know how to express themselves. In that moment of joint understanding... we know they aren't alone.
Words are tangible proof that we exist. Action is the next step. That is why I write."   

As a writer, Annika has:

  • Been featured at three New Play Festivals 

  • Submitted "The Trial of Mira Vance" as her Undergraduate Honors Thesis at Oakland University 

  • Been a part of IN Studio's Virtual Writer's Room (NYC)


Annika, writing backstage during Urinetown's intermission

                                                         Photo: Chuck Cloud Photography

Featured Works






Mira Vale confronts her subconscious in a simulated court room. The people of her past act as witnesses as she examines her actions and "sins." The Judge must decide what sentence she deserves, but Mira must decide if she is worthy of a second chance. Purification, after all, is the true goal of this system.  

Staged Reading - November, 2019 - Lab Theatre (Rochester, MI)

Honors College Senior Thesis - Oakland University - February, 2020 (Rochester, MI)

Staged Reading - January, 2020 - Civic Theatre (Ann Arbor, MI)

Staged Reading - TBD - Flint Repertory Theatre (Flint, MI)

Harriet was never good at being alone, especially now, after her breakup with Amy.  One night at 3 am, Harriet faces her grief by re-telling Shakespeare's Hamlet all by herself (and discovers how much complicated Hamlet's life would be if he was a woman).

Virtual Performance - June, 2020- Intermission Play Festival

Virtual Play Reading - October 2020 - Civic Theatre (Ann Arbor)

Female Hamlet


An original monologue

Additional writing samples available upon request.